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Resistance fighter

By Jørgen Kieler, born 1919 in Horsens, Denmark, Dr. Jørgen Kieler interrupted his medical studies to join the Danish resistance group Frit Danmark (Free Denmark) to fight against the Nazi occupation. Until his retirement in 1989 he was director of the Fibiger Cancer Institute in Copenhagen. A survivor of Porta Westphalica, he has published extensively on the stress-related disorder KZ (Concentration Camp) Syndrome.

Published by Gefen Publishing House, Jerusalem & New York.

This is the gripping story of then medical student Jørgen Kieler at the inception of World War II, and the resistance group he and his family started. The courageous battle he and his fellow resistance fighters waged against the Nazis – ferrying Jews to safety in Sweden and sabotaging collaborationist factories producing Nazi war material – eventually landed five members of his family in prison, after which he and his younger brother were sent on to Porta Westphalica concentration camp, where they suffered from extreme starvation, hard labour in the mines, and savage maltreatment. Almost half of the prisoners died within six months, but the author and his brother were saved at the very last moment by the Swedish and Danish Red Cross.

Writing in lively tones with a wit that reveals his indomitable spirit, the authors paints a vivid picture of the resistance movement in Denmark, with detailed descriptions of many of the Holger Danske group’s daring sabotage operations. The Painful consequences of his heroism – from being shot by a German soldier to his imprisonment in the brutal forced labour camp at Porta Westphalica – are also laid bare. The author’s personal story is augmented by historical notes and observations for a good overview of the resistance movement and of wartime Denmark as a whole. Above all, this is the inspiring story of a man who refused to allow the Nazis to corrupt his humanity.

Resistance fighter

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