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​By Mogens Kofod-Hansen, journalist and author.

On April 9, 1945 just as it began to dawn on the fifth anniversary day of the German occupation of Denmark - and barely a month before the liberation - the only 24 -year-old Major Anders Lassen was shot and killed in northern Italy by a treacherous stratagem of soldiers from a German - Ukrainian unit.

The greatest, the most decorated and even when he was still alive, the most acclaimed and admired among the Danish who during World War II had volunteered for service with the Allied forces met death when he was about to carry out a courageous and self-sacrificing action - a critical battle between the British 8th army and the German Field Marshal von Kesselring's large defense forces south of the Po River.

After his death - posthumously - Anders Lassen Britain's was awarded the highest military order , the Victoria Cross , which is considered to be the world's most prestigious decoration for bravery on the battlefield.


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