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The Danish armoured car V3

By Jørgen H, Barfod, born 1918 and curator of The Museum af Danish Resistance 1940-1945 from 1971 until 1987.​

In front of the Museum of Denmark’s Fight for Freedom stands, symbolically, a kind of armoured car, which has its own special history. Hitler succeeded in sending both V1 and V2 rockets against Britain during the last years of the war, but V3 was made in Denmark by members of the Danish Resistance movement.

When Hitler had committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin, and Berlin had fallen, no one had any doubts that Nazi Germany would go to pieces in a few day’s time. The great question, however, was what would happen during the break-down of the Third Reich. Seeing the tactic of the retiring German troops, who destroyed everything behind them, many feared the last days to come. The German boasts that if the world would not embrace Nazism and its blessings then the entire world would have to follow it in its fall, was a bad omen; moreover there were rumours of a Nazi werewolf organization, which might cause the Allied victors considerable trouble.

One of the groups of the underground army in Frederiksværk – a small town in Northern Zealand – had been detained to make certain arrest among these werewolf gangs and as they wanted to be prepared in the best possible way they had hit on the idea of making a veritable armoured car.

The presents and looks of the armoured car must have frightened members of the werewolf gang, because they surrendered.

The booklet tells the whole story and shows pictures of the event.

The Danish armoured car V3

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