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Shot down over Denmark

​Immediately after the Liberation it became quite apparent that it was the Allied airmen who in their lonely and dangerous missions had provided the basis for the build-up, the arming of and the ability to fight of the Resistance Movement.

By Colonel Helge William Gram, Chamberlain to the Queen.

Almost 300 Allied aircrafts were shot down over Denmark by German occupation forces and almost 1200 Allied airmen have found their last resting place in Danish cemeteries.

In this year-book for 1998 published by Friends of the Danish Resistance Museum Publishing, Colonel Helge William Gram, Chamberlain, has recounted some of the most dramatic events which occurred when Allied aircrafts flew over Danish territory on their way to targets in Germany, dropped arms for the Resistance or attacked targets in Denmark.

Colonel Gram also describes the extent of the assistance to Allied airmen who had been shot down, and hoe the delivery of arms gathered momentum in the last two years of the occupation, stimulated by the collaboration between the Danes and the Allies.

Special mention is made in this monograph of the memorials which the Danish population and the Resistance have erected in honour of their Allied comrades-in-arms. In close collaboration with The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the task of identification of unknown Allied airmen continues to this day. This is described in the final chapter.

Shot down over Denmark 1940-1945

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